How to prepare yourself for each day of life
How to prepare yourself for each day of life

Invited by linked-in to share an opinion on Mental health and wellbeing during job search. So, here is my perspective:

  • start making peace with your family (past and present issues): parents & siblings, (ex)spouse, kids. It is a process, not a one time try. Peace creates reconstruction and opportunities.
  • work out (with specialists, preferably) those strong feelings breaking you from daring: guilt, shame, mistaking, fury, fearing. Awareness keeps you away and awake from self-destruction tendency.
  • practice constructive actions promoting yourself, trusting your abilities, respecting your needs and limits. These define your self-esteem.
  • admit failures are part of life, not who you are. This gives you repositioning tools.
  • find, invest in and choose what makes you fulfilled at work, not only what covers bills cost. That is satisfaction.
  • adopt a pet, grow a plant, donate 2 eur a month or be a voluntary for a nearby cause, help weekly a neighbor or a homeless with a simple gesture. That keeps you feeling worthiness.
  • learn to manage your financial income and expenses for at least 10 year ahead protection for unpredictable life events. This is a reopening window of opportunities.

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